I had the amazing opportunity of being one of Alisia’s first clients. It was comforting at how quickly i was made to feel comfortable and how easy it was to share openly and honestly. Alisia as the ability to ask powerful and deep questions that get you thinking and hopeful that I can get through this. Here confidence in her abilities shines through. My experience with Alisia was transformative as I felt very safe which made it easy to feel vulnerable and open. I was able to share anything with absolute confidence which made it easy to have difficult conversation. Alisia is truly gifted coach and individual and I can not wait to see how she does moving forward!!!


A big thanks for you Alisia! before we met it was hard for me to keep myself motivated. Every session with Alisia gave me a sense of safety and freedom to continue and grow my coaching programs. We set a few goals and adjusted them on the way to match me these days. I’m growing from being a life and business coach to an optimal living platform as I always wanted! So much that I co-created to serve others from Alisia’s gracious support and coaching

Hagar Kotzin

Working with Alisia was absolutely amazing. I appreciated that she understood and respected me and my goals. We worked together for twelve weeks, and it was one of the best investments I have ever made for my own personal growth. I am a starting coach/podcaster who was looking for help both professionally and personally. I needed help getting myself set up for weight loss, and she helped me get back on track in my eating and exercising habits. She also was very helpful in helping me clarify my professional goals and in taking real action steps towards achieving them. I especially appreciated Alisia’s excellent listening skills and sometimes bold (needed) questions in keeping me accountable. It was also so good to have someone who shared my faith and prayed for me every session. I highly recommend Alisia as a coach. She is very encouraging and also very practical in helping shape dreams into reality. I really believe God brought us together and am grateful to Him for leading me to her. Thanks, Alisia!


Thanks so much for sending me all the information about the interview you did with me. You did a terrific job and I know your podcast will be encouraging to many. And thank you for the impact you made on my life. It was really powerful and I wanted to share a bit more, on how I see its effects, even six months later. 

First of all, that planner you gave me. I absolutely love it and it has been life-changing for me. It gave me the focus to truly start reaching my goals this year. (As opposed to last year, which was so hard.) Next week, I will be hosting my first webinar for the course I am going to offer on marriage, in July. 

Your coaching helped me believe in my dreams and see that it was possible. Your listening skills were the very best thing about coaching with you. I treasure them so much and your listening let me speak freely and deal with the things I needed to: my fears and insecurities, and then my hidden dreams. 

Plus … you getting me that planner, and loving it, led me to get one for my sister. It was also transformative for her. One of her goals was to organize her music, and start working on it again (after laying it aside for ten years.) Now, she has all her music organized and finally put one of her songs on Youtube. (she has so many but no one knows about them but a few family and friends.) 

I sent the link below, if you would like to hear it. Bless you, Alisia! You never know how you can impact others. And please feel free to use any of this for a testimonial, if you like. Take care and thank you. Bless you.”