Hello, I‘m Alisia Young. Welcome to Eat ’N’ Live Free!


Alisia Young is a Health, Life, and Eating Disorder Recovery Coach who holds a Doctor of Naturopathy Degree.

She obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science in Health Studies and Psychology from the University of Toronto, and her Doctor of Naturopathy Degree from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She also holds certifications as a life coach, eating disorder recovery coach, healthy eating and weight loss coach, fitness instructor, and personal trainer.

While completing her Honours Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, Alisia fell in love with fitness, nutrition, and holistic health.

During her training at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, she experience anxiety. depression, and an unfillable void of not feeling “good enough.” She numbed this feeling through disordered eating and self-sabotage.

As founder of Eat ‘N’ Live Free, partners with her clients to develop emotional, food, and life freedom, so they can confidently take care of their careers and themselves. Alisia strives to empower high-achieving individuals to recognize the connection between identity, success, and one’s health.

Alisia is also the forthcoming author of the book “Congrats Superwoman: When You’ve Climbed the Mountain and Still Don’t Feel Good Enough.”

In her spare time, Alisia loves learning about other ways to live a life of freedom, and how to build a passive income empire.

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Website: www.eatnlivefree.com
Instagram: @eatnlivefree
Facebook: Eat ‘N’ Live Free
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Doctor of Naturopathy Degree – Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine


Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine & Health – Ontario College of Homeopathic Medicine


Honours Bachelor of Science (Health Studies & Psychology)



FirstLine Therapy – Metagenics


Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach – canfitpro


Personal Training Specialist – canfitpro


Fitness Instructor Specialist – canfitpro

Relevant Roles


Eat ‘N’ Live Free

Alisia has consolidated her training and experience in Naturopathic Medicine, fitness, personal training, nutrition, coaching, facilitating, and tutoring, to support her clients through:

  • virtual coaching
  • online programs
  • podcast interviews
  • Facebook community


Dr. Alisia Young ND

Partnered with patients to identify and develop a holistic strategy for addressing their health concerns.

  • Conducted thorough health intakes
  • Utilized motivational interviewing techniques to gain a clear understanding of patients’ goals, circumstances, motivating factors, and priorities
  • Developed evidence-based individualized treatment plans
  • Provided patients with tools, encouragement, coaching, and accountability to assist them in monitoring their progress and staying on track
  • Lead with open, non-judgmental communication to strengthen the patient/physician relationship as we navigated the ups and downs of achieving their health goals


PRO TRAINER – Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach certification – canfitpro

Facilitated monthly courses for those interested in becoming certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss coaches with canfitpro, and/or in learning more about healthy eating and weight loss. Course attendees included both fitness professionals and non-fitness professionals.

Topics covered:

  • the current epidemic of obesity
  • the science of nutirtion (physiology, metabolism, and digestion)
  • macronutrients and micronutrients
  • food intake practices to optimize fat loss
  • psychology of fat loss and behaviour modification
  • where to begin in the fat loss journey

Also facilitated a private group for course alumni to participate in ongoing networking, continuing education, and access to resources.